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Welcome to Rangebank

Rangebank is a medium sized school of 410 students, located in Cranbourne in the South East of Melbourne. Our school community is proud to be home to many cultures. We are the first state primary school in Australia to teach Hindi from foundation to grade 6. Further to this, Rangebank has a strong connection to India and a sister school in Delhi that we visit once every 2 years and they visit us bi-anually.

Following a review in 2019, Rangebank has set a clear plan for continued growth and improvement. This focus on growth and improvement encompasses all parts of the school; academic excellence, supporting student wellbeing, creating a beautiful environment and strong community relationships. Underpinning all of these are the shared values we have developed with our community:


Be Respectful Be Safe Be Kind Be a Learner


Be Respectful - look after people and property
Be Safe - protect yourself and others
Be Kind - be friendly and considerate to others
Be a Learner - be motivated and try your best


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At Rangebank, we focus on positive behaviours and celebrate those who display our values. We do this because we know when we are respectful, safe, kind and learning, we are being the best we can be as individuals and a whole school community. Our whole school agreed values are visible, lived and celebrated.

Rangebank has worked hard in the last 12 months to invest in our staff. Research has continually shown, one of the most important factors to improving student outcomes is the teacher. Therefore we want our teachers to be the most effective they can be and to be focused on growth - put simply, getting better each year.

We have invested in professional development but also invested in developing strong teams across the school to ensure we are providing a quality, consistent and differentiated curriculum for all. Our teaching and learning team is led by an Assistant Principal and includes three Learning Specialists who are continually focused on improving the quality of teaching and learning in our school. 

We take great pride in our school, and in the warm and welcoming environment we have all worked hard to create. We welcome you to take a VIRTUAL TOUR OF RANGEBANK and hope to see you soon. 

The Principal Team

Rangebank Primary School

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We are a diverse and dynamic school with a strong focus on student wellbeing and a dedicated teaching staff.

Contact Info

Address: 14-36 Lesdon Avenue, Cranbourne, 3977, Victoria, Australia
Number: (03) 5996 8900

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